Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Kids Birthday Party Decoration By Babysbreath Decor Design

 What comes into your mind when you are thinking about to decorate a kid's birthday party? Colourful, bright, fun and snack are the first few words that normally come to mind. Here, we have some samples of a kid's birthday party which decoration done by babysbreath Decor DesignMake your child’s birthday the greatest memories on earth with a colourful-themed party.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

WHITE Themed Studio Portrait

How do your feel about our RED themed studio portrait ? Feel like seeing something more ? Here we have something really WHITE.

Location: SS2

Photographer: Zinc Looi

Editing: Big Ben

MUA: Joey Lim Makeup Artist

Model: Janice Choong

Our cute and lovely Janice has transformed into a white witch. She is trying to come out of your monitor. Please let her out.

Another view of the exploding hair. A different style from her ordinary sweet, young and cheerful look.

 Feather Lashes with polka dot !!!!

Look at the puffy white hair. Looks authentic.

Sweet in white

White princess.

Classic beauty Shoot

Here're some picture of transformation.

Original out of camera shot. Just in case you wanted to know how the whole shoot looks like un-edited.

Transformation of Janice.

Our creative make-up artist Joey with model Janice.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

RED Themed Studio Portrait

Here we go for our RED Themed Studio Portrait.

Location: SS2
Photographer: Zinc Looi
Editing: Big Ben
MUA: Joey Lim Makeup Artist
Model: Clover Ngau
Original Short Hair at the Begining.

 Long Red Wig

 Original Colour
Original Colour

 Short Red Wig and Red Lashes

 Original Unedited Version

 Classic Beauty Shoot

Clean and Elegant Shoot

Monday, April 8, 2013

Interior and Exterior Photography of ShowRoom Unit at Puncak Alam

Hi, great day everyone !!! We're getting more and more real-estate photography job. Thanks for all the support. Let's have a look what we have for last week at Puncak Alam....



Wednesday, April 3, 2013

3rd-Gen Mazda 6 Official Launching

Topshot feels so glad to attend the official media launching of 3rd Generation Mazda 6 which held at their sales/service showroom in Glenmarie... It was a blast with so many delicious finger food, sumptuous dinner and deco by BIG ONION FOOD CATERER.